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Microsoft Has a Major Announcement Planned for Monday

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untitledMicrosoft is making a “super-secret” announcement on Monday and it has already invited select members of the press… Wait a minute does this sound familiar to anyone else? Sorry we had a momentary flash back to some of Apple’s announcements. In fact it this this similarity that makes many people believe that the show on Monday June 18th will be the official show for Windows RT (and a Microsoft made tablet).

Now this is likely to be the case as although many manufacturers have shown off Windows RT tablets Microsoft has not done the full dog and pony show to highlight where it fits into the new ecosystem. Unfortunately there might be some that will not be too happy with the direction that Microsoft is heading.

Not all that long ago (we are talking E3) Microsoft finally admitted that their new push was to media consumption with Windows 8, Windows RT and even the Xbox. This means that for Microsoft the push is not to make the tablet into a productivity tool (which is what would allow it to have a major impact on Apple sales) but into a glorified media player. This is despite the fact that Microsoft is including a version of Office with Windows RT (which has access to the “desktop” environment).

Lately many analysts and members of the press have been enamored with Windows 8 and Windows Phone suggesting that this is the right direction for Microsoft and one that will benefit consumers. However many people in IT was not looking at Windows 8 with its cloud push in a good light. The enterprise is a market segment that Microsoft simply cannot ignore and no amount of pushing will convince the IT and Security people that these new media and cloud oriented are good for their businesses. Perhaps if Microsoft releases a version of Windows 8 or Windows RT that sticks to the basics of productivity and content creation then we will see this change, but we honestly doubt it.

Still as with the iPad and Android clever developers will find ways to “hack” the system to allow access to previously denied areas of Windows 8 and Windows RT. It could be that the new Windows push will be enough to drive this forward. After all the first Jailbreak of iOS wa due to someone wanting more access for development of real applications. To do this they needed root access to the file system something that Apple intentionally blocked off. The same thing can be said for Android and we might see this happen for Windows RT.

Right now there is not much of a push to “hack” Windows Phone as the market share is simply too small and with Nokia cutting 10,000 jobs and closing three factories we are not all that confident of its future.

Still there is chance that Monday will not be the big Windows RT unveil. We still have not had a full announcement of Windows Phone 8 and there are many other things that Microsoft could be showing off in LA on Monday. Although we did not get an invite (not surprising really) we will be following and as always looking for the real meaning behind the marketing.


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