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Microsoft helps in taking Dell over

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According to information released by CNBC, Microsoft is reportedly in talks with Michael Dell and private investment fund Silver Lake Partners to assist them in taking Dell, or in purchasing all shares in the company so they would have full ownership. [Ed – this plays into some rumors we have heard]

Microsoft's investment may not necessarily mean that it will have a significant share in the Dell, but will engage in fundraising for the implementation of the deal. Bloomberg first reported on the alleged intentions of Silver Lake Partners to take over Dell, and later the Wall Street Journal confirmed the reports stating that Silver Lake, Michael Dell, and at least one more investor are trying to raise 22-25 billion dollars to redeem all of the company’s shares at a price between 13-14 U.S. dollars.

It is speculated that in order to make this happen additional investors could be Microsoft, which could invest 1 to 3 billion U.S. dollars. Specifically, Microsoft is no stranger to investments in other technology companies, as they have already invested in Facebook, Barnes & Noble, Comcast and Apple.

[Ed – Microsoft might be looking to do this so that they can have a manufacturing arm on the payroll. It is a rumor that we heard last year about the time when Microsoft contracted Pegatron to make the Surface (Pro and RT). It seems that Microsoft wants to design and build their own hardware. The launch of the surface was a reference point for them. They wanted to see if there was demand for a Microsoft designed and built product. If these rumors are true then there is a chance that Microsoft really will enter the market as a manufacturer in an effort to become just like Apple…]

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