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Microsoft In Trouble In The EU Again Over The Lack Of Browser Choice In Windows

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Microsoft is in a bit of trouble over their decision to grant users in the EU the right to choose their browser upon the installation of the Windows operating system. Now I know you are thinking that they have already been in trouble for this before, so why are we bringing it up again? Well the issue is that with the launch of Windows 7 Service Pack 1… Microsoft just stopped allowing for the browser election. Yup, any new system shipped with Windows 7 SP1 would boot up just like the good old days (for Microsoft). Well the European Union would like to talk to them about it.

This comes at a time when Microsoft is intentionally crippling some browsers with their next version of Windows for ARM. Mozilla and others have raised concerns that limiting the full access to the “classic” desktop in Windows RT is the same as locking out those browsers. Unless they have access to that they can never be the default browser in that OS. On the other side of this argument the same can be said for both Android and IOS so Microsoft might have some good ground to stand on there.

However, the complaints about that and now this popping up are sure to be enough for the EU to ask some questions and potentially reopen their investigation (which could lead to more fines). Right now Microsoft is looking very bad because they are claiming that they never noticed, despite releasing the new version of the OS over 17 months ago. The statement makes them look very foolish and does nothing to instill consumer confidence in them (at least in the EU).

We have a feeling that Microsoft will have to write another big check to the EU and will be making some changes to the way Windows RT works (just in case) so that they can avoid the possibility of being dragged back into another scandal right after the launch of what Microsoft sees as a very important piece of software on a vital platform. We are certain that other issues with Microsoft’s new OS and IE 10 browser will come out in the time remaining between now and the launch especially as more companied look into their choices for continuing to develop for Microsoft.

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