Saturday03 December 2022

Microsoft increased storage space for SkyDrive Pro

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Microsoft has decided to add more space for storage users of Office 365 and SharePoint Pro SkyDrive service. Initial 7 GB Microsoft upgraded to 25 GB of storage space , which can be further expanded to a maximum of 100 GB. The 7 GB limit of free storage on SkyDrive was determined based on the behavior of 99.94% of their users.

With the new "Share with me" option it is easier to locate files that users share with each other. From now on SharePoint Online can save files of up to 2 GB , and time that files will be kept inside of the Recycle Bin has been increased from initial 30 to 90 days. Option Versioning is turned on by default and includes keeping of up to ten versions of the document.

In case you decide you need more space than the initial 25 GB, it will cost you $0.20 per gigabyte per month. It is interesting to see that more and more companies that provide cloud storage are deciding to increase the storage capacity  they give to their users, hopefully that trend will continue.

[Ed - Microsoft should begin making more changes like this over the next few months in an effort to keep consumers and bring more into the fold. They need this to make sure that they keep investors happy (and possibly bring them in). Their next steps should be to cut prices on one or more of their cloud services like Office 365 or Xbox Live. We may see aother drop in price on the Surface range of products or an attractive bundle especially now that there is a rumored replacement in the works. It will be interesting to see what else Microsoft does to try any keep from sinking, who knows... maybe they will bring back TechNet..]

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