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Microsoft says that Google is not serious about their business

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The General Manager of Microsoft's applications for large companies, Julia White, told the New York Times that Google has not yet proven that it is really serious with their business applications. According to her words, Google is still mainly an advertising company and that 96% of its revenue comes from ads, while only 4% comes from services to business users.

Google is increasingly trying to improve their operations towards business customers through services such as Google Apps and Google Cloud Services, with which they directly compete with Microsoft. Recently, Google's first enterprise chief, Amit Singh, said that their goal is to take over 90% of users from Microsoft’s Office suite of applications.

But at Microsoft, they point out that Office is still one of the most profitable products and that Office 365 that provides access to office applications "in the cloud" is on its way to becoming the fastest-growing business. White points out that if Google wants to become a serious competitor they must provide a quality experience for large companies in areas such as privacy, data management, and security.

[Ed – It is funny to hear Microsoft talking about security when their products have such a history of security holes. Their dominance in the market these days is more down to them being a perceived standard than really giving applications that provide better security. We have to admit that Google has a VERY long way to go with their applications offerings though and that it is unlikely that Google will actually begin to be a threat to Microsoft in the next 5 years. One thing that Google does have going for them is the fact that Microsoft is pushing for the cloud with their OS, Office Applications and Servers. This is something that not many people are happy about from the enterprise to the consumer. Who knows, Microsoft may actually be the thing that kills Office due to their desire to milk the application for every penny they can get.]

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