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MMO's don't succeed in the western markets

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Strauss Zelnick of Take-Two Interactive announced that MMO titles for the most part are not profitable or successful in United States. In other words, the western markets in general should not expect some sort of Grant Theft Auto Online or MMORPG based on the BioShock series.

Zelnick believes that in the United States only two MMORPG's proved, and they are EverQuest and of course World of Warcraft. He also reminded us about Blizzard, who recently started to completely redesign their next MMO project with the working title Titan, as well as about other competitors who have paid hefty price for their MMO failures in the western markets.

Take-Two is still investing in the development of MMO titles, but primarily in Asian markets, where they are already collaborating with companies such as Nexon, Tencent and XL Games. For example, in those markers MMO titles like Civilizations Online or NBA 2k Online already achieved decent success.

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