Friday19 August 2022

Motorola brings S11-FLEX HD Bluetooth headphones

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Motorola has launched their wireless headphones the S11-FLEX HD, and they indeed look impressive. Not only do they wrap around the neck, but are also ear buds that wrap around the ear. This will surely be very attractive to anyone who likes to do any sort of activities like hiking, mountain biking or jogging. They are not just practical but also have very nice design. The primary colors are blue and silver, with orange circles around the ear buds. The problem with these headphones and with the “wrap around the neck design” is that they are usually only come in one size and if you consider that people have different heads, the obstacle becomes quite obvious. However, that is not the case with this model; they have an adjustable inner strap so they should be good for everybody’s head.

The S11-FLEX HD will connect wirelessly via Bluetooth and according to Motorola they can pick up a signal from up to 150 feet away. That is quite a distance and if it really works you should have no problem leaving the device inside one room and move around to other rooms in the house, or even go outside and still receive a signal. Motorola also promises “better-than-wired sound” which could be just a nice marketing trick to attract more buyers, but we will find out soon if it is true.
The charging time for this baby should be only 5 to 15 minutes and should provide around one hour of playback time once fully charged. They will also have one touch equalizer controls and volume controls. All this comes at relatively high price of $130, but if they turn out to be all that Motorola states they are, they might be worth buying. The S11-FLEX HD comes to shops on October 28 both online and in retail stores.

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