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New Car camera fom Garmin hitting the market soon

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The company known mainly for its navigation systems, Garmin, introduced their new product, designed for drivers, of course. It is the auto-camera that is mounted under the windshield, and captures the traffic. These devices are very popular because with this relatively small investment the user can rely on the evidentiary high definition video record in case they experience a car accident.


Garmin version of this camera comes with video (up to 1080p) and photo recording capability and a standard wide-angle lens. 4 GB of internal memory and a 2.3 inch display are also part of the standard supply. This device from stands out from competition with the unique ability. It has a built-in sensor that is able to recognize that the accident occurred, and the resulting footage at this point is automatically stored in its memory.

All video and photographic records are marked by time code, and users will be able to buy this useful gadget for around $220. Garmin in this case added a part of their corporate heritage, so for additional $30 users can get advanced and more expensive version of the Garmin Dash Cam which on all records also adds geolocation data.

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