Wednesday29 March 2023

New Gmail app for iOS

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After releasing a new version for Android smartphones and tablets, Google has released a new version of their Gmail application for iPhone and iPad. Beside the new design, the biggest news is the ability to use up to five different Gmail accounts on one device. In the older versions user were able to use only one. Integration with other Google applications has been improved, for example, if you receive an invitation to an event from Google Calendar to you Gmail inbox, you no longer need to open another application to confirm the attendance because you can do it directly from Gmail now.

The third novelty is better integration with Google's search engine. Emails are now being searched as soon as the user starts to write the search term, also the application itself is trying to guess what the user is looking for. Finally, the new application no longer has a limit of 50 emails that are displayed in the inbox (with the option of manually downloading old emails from the server), but the older emails are downloaded and displayed automatically.

Despite these novelties, Gmail for iOS is not at the level expected from Google. This is especially disappointing when one considers that a few months ago; Google bought the company that created the Sparrow email client for OS X and iOS. It has more features and is more intuitive to operate than the standard iOS email client and the Gmail application. However, Sparrow is not free, and also has a major drawback, it does not support push.

The new Gmail app for iOS can be downloaded for free from the iTunes Store. It has also been optimized to work with the iPhone 5.

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