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New “innovation” from Apple

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Apple was granted a patent that describes a device with a touch screen that has a screen sticking keys and other accessories, which, among other things, mimics the function joystick. The technology was published under the title "Clickable and tactile buttons for a touch surface" and should enable easy button setup and various other additions to the touch screen.

These supplements should be able to control the trackpad underneath them. What will this really bring is the tactile feel that touchscreen (desperately) lacks. One thing to have in mind is that this is nothing new, and you could buy multiple varieties of similar “sticky” buttons for tablets on ebay and similar stores from Chinese manufacturers for a couple of bucks. One thing that is different with the Apple's buttons is that they are completely transparent so that could be a significant improvement from the previous solutions.

In the patent application Apple did not limit the usage of this “invention” to games, but stated that it could be used with ATMs and various toll devices.

[Ed - Another attempt at a patent for a technology that has been on the market for a while now... Looks like Apple does not learn..]

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