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New logo's for Bing Skype and Xbox

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After Microsoft changed the logo for the firm itself, Windows and Office last year, now it's turn for the other important products to do the same. Bing, Skype, Xbox and Yammer (business social network) are the next to get new logos. The design was discovered at the conference that was recently held in Norway.

Refreshing logos of mentioned applications, services and devices not only need to modernize them, but also to improve connections between them. The general idea is that when you look at the logo of, for example Bing, you will conclude that this is yet another Microsoft product if you previously saw Microsoft Office logo or some other Microsoft product with a new logo. Once the new logo is implemented, Microsoft will be able to start changing the visual identity of the product that, cumulatively, is used by more than a billion people. This is a very bold move, and how will it affect the current and future management of the business - it remains to be seen.

Below you can see the video about the creation of a new logo for the search engine Bing. If you are especially curious about it you can watch a 45-minute video in which you'll hear a lot of fascinating information about the change of visual identity on such a gigantic scale.

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