Monday15 August 2022

New Mac Pro sold out in 2 days

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Apple picked the best time to launch their new Mac Pro. After several months of advertising and solicitation of users, on 19th December they finally allowed users to order their own copy.

The new Mac Pro comes with a quad or six core processors, depending on the model. Cheapest, basic model has a quad Xeon processor with a clock speed of 3.7 GHz, 12 GB DDR3 ECC RAM (1866 MHz), two AMD FirePro D300 GPU and SSD of 256 GB. All this comes at a price of $2.999. However what was possible to do on 19th December was no longer possible on 21st, because in just a few hours after the release, they sold out all copies (despite the prices) that Apple prepared.

Customers who were quick and managed to buy a Mac in those few hours will have them shipped on the 30th December while everyone else will have to wait until February of 2014 when Apple plans to start new deliveries. Apple spokesman said the demand for new Mac is excellent, but it's going to take a little longer to align their inventories with demand.

[Ed - Apple has a way fo selling hardware that, in the end, i quite overpriced and does not always meet the performance levels of more "normal" builds. However they have a very loyal following and many of them still believe that the only way to do business is on a Mac. It will be inteteresting to see if we get any real performance numbers from the new Mac Pro in the coming weeks.]

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