Thursday11 August 2022

New "Wave" Hoax Convinces iPhone Users to Microwave Their Phones

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I sometimes think that there should be some sort of intelligence test before we allow people to use certain technologies. I know it is not the most “PC” thought to have, but after reading about how often people are duped with what are obviously scams, hoaxes or other, you really have to wonder about the people that are online. The latest hoax to snare people is aimed at a “hidden” feature in iOS8. This feature is supposed to allow you to wirelessly charge your iPhone using the Microwave and all you need to do it upgrade to iOS8.

This hoax follows on the heels of one for iOS 7 that was supposed to magically make your phone waterproof. There never was an exact accounting of how many people fell for that one, but it was all over the social media sites and there were more than a few reported cases of people losing their phones after trying to test this “feature” out. This already appears to be the pattern for “Wave” (which is what this hoax is being called). There have been tweets from people that claim to have used it with the result being a dead and smoking phone.

The Wave hoax seems to have originated from the 4Chan forums (big surprise) which, honestly, should have been another clue not to believe a word of it. The number of fake postings, hoaxes and jokes that come from that site are astounding. Still we cannot say much about people buying the posts that come from there. I recently entered into a debate about a “news” post that came from the satire site The Onion. The poster thought the article was genuine and used it as the key stone of their argument…. Like I said, maybe you should need to take a test before being allowed on the internet.

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