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Newb friendly Heart of the Swarm

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Blizzard's first expansion for Starcraft 2, Heart of the Swarm is at the front door and we believe that is already very known thing. This is why Blizzard’s Dustin Browder decided to look back at the news that the expansion will bring to the fans of this game.

Along with the expected things like a new campaign, new units for multiplayer and some of the new features in online contests, Heart of the Swarm will bring much needed balance to players that don’t have eSports in the first place. Exactly those average players that are not interested too much in the online component and, according to Blizzard’s, words have felt neglected.

Blizzard has paid a special attention to players who prefer to play without the pressure of the online ranking system during the development of this expansion. As they say, the Starcraft 2 charm lies in the gameplay and progress, and not in the charts and online victories.

However, Blizzard is hoping that through more accessible and balanced campaign, cleaner interface and AI opponents that behave more like real players, all players will at one time try to play the game online. While they say that playing against the AI players won’t make you the Grand Master, it could atleast adequately prepare you for the Bronze league.

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