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***Updated ***News Aggregation Site Digg Seems To Have Lost All Of Its Links... Is This a Database Glitch Or Worse?

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digg_issuePopular news aggregation site Digg appeared to be having some issues today as it stopped being able to service users. The issue started at around 12:00 Eastern time in the US and at the time of this writing the site is still not available. Upon reaching the site users are greeted with a blank page a simple message saying “No stories found”. ***Updated 6-11-2012 14:51 Digg came back online for around 2 minutes and is back down; still no word as to whatr caused the almost three hour outage****
***Updated 6-11-2012 19:45 Digg is back online, but still no word on what happened.***

The issue appears to be across all browsers and subsections of the link sharing site. Although an email sent to them for information on the issue has not been returned the issue could be a problem with their database as any attempt to enter a link comes back with an error saying that the system could not crawl the link (it even did this for an article.). We also checked on the site from multiple locations and even attempts to access it from mobile devices turned up no article links.
Although we are certainly hoping that this is nothing more than a technical glitch we are concerned that this could be something more with all of the recent breaches that have happened to services like LinkedIn,, eharmony and more. We will be following up with Digg to find out more about the outage.

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