Alphacool to build customized waterblocks for non-reference GPUs...

So you bought a beautiful new high-end video card and you want to water-cool it.  What’s that?  It’s a non-reference card?  Chances are you’re tied to a universal GPU-only solution and forced to air cool the other components of the card with additional individual heat sinks.  If you’re very lucky your non-reference card may have an aftermarket version for the VRAM and VRMs, like we saw with the popular MCW60 block from Swiftech.

All that is about to change.  Well-known water-cooling manufacturer Alphacool announced today the beginning of a new service that will customize a water block for your non-reference video card.

The new cooler setup includes the three parts shown above.  The water block is made to cool not only the GPU but also a custom aluminum mid-plate made to fit your specific card.  Note that the water is completely contained within this block and does not come in contact with aluminum at any point.  The system also comes with a custom back plate at no additional charge.  

One of the best parts of this system is that the central block and back plate are parts of the modular whole, so if a different card is purchased only the center aluminum plate will have to be replaced.   Should the standards remain this could save the water-cooling enthusiast a lot of money over time.

Alphacool will be starting the new set with cooler plates for Nvidia 7XX and AMD 2XX cards.  Prices are not set yet in the North American market, but we’re told that cooling sets for Nvidia 750 Ti reference cards will be available at launch for 59€ in Europe, and a Titan Black version for 79€.  

If you have a non-reference card and would like a cooler to fit, you can send your card to Alphacool and they will scan the card with 3D scanners and add the file to their library.  As they are actively attempting to increase their library of non-reference files, Alphacool is currently providing a free cooling set for these GPUs that are sent to them, within limitations.  Anyone interested in partaking in this offer is urged to contact their local Alphacool retailer or Alphacool directly at


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