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The firm Morrison & Forrester has published statistics which are intended to show the online habits of Americans. Among other things; they Compared Facebook and Google+ for relative traffic. You can already make some predictions yourself from personal experience about these two. Facebook was here first, picked up tons of users, over time there was more and more spam, ads and irrelevant things. Meanwhile Google Plus came along, was announced as a revolution, but failed to attract a larger number of users. However from a personal point of view and of several people I talked to, Google Plus has a lot less spam and "stupid" things, also discussions have higher quality, and there is no so many people that have their profiles solely to get 50+ likes on half naked pictures.

According to the analysis, the average time spent on Facebook per month is 6.75 hours. By comparison, on Google's social network, users spend an average of only three minutes a month. Unfortunately for  Google+ even Tumblr and Pinterest are better with 1.5 hours a month, Twitter with 21 minutes a month, and Linked In with 17 minutes a month that users spend online. Google+ has about 100 million active users (or "active"), while on Facebook there are over one billion people.

In addition, it was reported that the time spent on social networks accounted for 18% of the total time spent online. In the U.S., a profile on one of the social network has 56% of the people, of which 22% log in to their profiles several times a day.

[Ed – although there are many claims that Facebook and other social networks are addictive and that people spend too much time on them the average time spent is significantly less than what most would think (and claim). Still there is something to be said about internet addiction and also the way that some people appear to always be on Facebook.  What really would be interesting is to see what the core group of users on Facebook and other social average time connected is…]

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