EVGA says odd GTX 970 ACX cooler design is the way they wanted it

EVGA has been taking flak from consumers over an unusual design for the cooler on their GTX 970 ACZ graphics card. The problem arose when someone pointed out that the GPU does not make contact with all three heatpipes. According to EVGA this is the way the card was designed so everyone should calm down and get back to gaming.

Sadly for EVGA, very few people are buying the claim that is was built like that. The logic behind making a cooler with three heatpipes, but only allowing contact on two is sort of flaky. It looks a lot like EVGA built a generic cooler and tried to get it to work in a place that it was not really meant to be.

“Due to the GPU small die size, we intended for the GPU to contact two major heat pipes with direct touch to make the best heat dissipation without any other material in between.”

Some of the comments in response to this claim are quite funny, but almost all point to the fact that this just does not sound like the truth. Most agree that the cooler is more than capable considering it meant to dissipate 250watts of heat and the GPU is around 120. However the placement of the third “smaller” heatpipe is a glaring inconsistency. EVGA’s claim that it is there by design and somehow manages to reduce temps by 2-3c… well no one is buying it.

There is nothing efficient about adding that in, but purposely shifting the GPU die away from it. It would have been more logical to build it with two pipes or three smaller ones set closer together. EVGA also commented on some issues with fan noise at idle speeds and promised to push out a BIOS update to fix what they called “an aggressive fan curve” and not a noise problem at all. Seems to me that if the fan is spinning too fast at idle and making a lot of noise that would still be a noise problem, but what do I know?

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