Twitter getting “old”

After Twitter released its annual financial results for the 2013. from which we could observe a slower increase in the number of users, discussion began on possible reasons for this negative trend . In the latest study, the research house eMarketer presented the growth projections of the number of users of the social network for the next five years. They predict that the negative trend will continue, so in 2014 the number of active users will increase by only 11.6%, and by the 2018 this will decrease even further to 6.4%.


Even though they predict that by the 2018 there will be about a quarter of all Internet users active on Twitter (based on data for the U.S.), it will not bring good news for this company. By that time the vast majority of users will be old people who used the service for years, while the number of young people who create Twitter accounts will be in significant decline. But in all things there is a bright spot, specifically, older customer base is usually less prone to fluctuations and Twitter can count on a certain stability in the business.

Also, if they do a good job around the monetization of user base, Twitter can hope for higher income because older people are known as better consumers than those of younger age.

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