Valentine ’s Day on Twitter


While some people would describe it as just consumerist holiday that should be despised, others will welcome the Valentine's with a smile on their face knowing that this day will pay special attention to their beloved ones or someone who they like (at least).

It is exactly for the members of this second group, those who are shy, that Twalentine is intended. Twalentine is a service that will allow you to anonymously send a few nice words to your beloved on Twitter. Behind Twalentine stands a young Slovenian web developer and tweeter Tilen Držan, who says this is his "sweetest" project so far.
twalentine msg

To send an anonymous message to someone you like, just visit the Twalentine’s website (, in the appropriate boxes enter the username of the person you would like to send a message to and tweet your message, after which the same shall be verified (in order to maintain a good preutation) and sent to the recipient with the hashtag #twalentine.

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