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Nikon pays Microsoft for licensing

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Microsoft believes that every Android device manufacturer earns money by using their patents, and therefore seeks to enter into licensing agreements with each of them to avoid lawsuits. Also this way they can earn money from what is often naively believed to be "pure" Google product that is based on open source software and Linux.

The latest "victim" of that licensing has become a well-known camera manufacturer, and Microsoft praised signing a license agreement with Nikon Corporation on their PR pages, covering the entire range of Microsoft's patent portfolio for Nikon cameras that operate on the Android platform.

Microsoft states that the contents of this contract will not be announced to the public, so we will not know how much money Nikon will unload to Microsoft per year. What we know is that licensing will certainly embrace Android camera Coolpix S800c you can see in the picture, as well as all future Nikon digital cameras that will work on Android.

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