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No Nazi imagery in the Wolfenstein: The New Order for German and Austrian territory

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Bethesda has announced that they will have to publish a special version of Wolfenstein: The New Order for markets in Germany and Austria in accordance with the strict laws of those countries.

The publishers say that in the aforementioned version Nazi symbols will not be screened given that it would be a violation of the local stringent laws. In Bethesda note that all copies of the game will be geo-locked, and versions for other markets will not be possible to activate in these two countries.

Speaking of Bethesda, they are in search for a sizeable number of testers in the area of Texas and Maryland that will assist them in completing titles like The Evil Within and the Wolfenstein: The New Order that will be available to play in their respective offices.

[Ed - It is understandable for Bethesda to want to make sure their game is within the laws of the countries where it will be played. That having been said the symbol in question is one that is linked to a very terrible time in history. The game is (very) loosely based on that time period and the obsession of some members of the Nazi party with the occult. It is not meant to in the same way that the laws were designed for, but as a historical reference to give the game its feel. Still, Bethesda made the right choice in complying with the laws.]

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