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NVidia Might Launch Two High-End GPUs in October, and One Mid-Range

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The rumors are ramping up about the next generation of NVidia GPUs. Although we already know that the next GPUs (second-gen Maxwell) will not have the unified memory architecture or 20nm process size that NVidia (and everyone else hoped) that does not mean you will not be getting a good product. However, possible specs and performance are not what the latest rumor is all about. This time the rumblings are about possible launch times.

According to the information that is running around the internet we should see three new products hitting the market around October (just in time for the Holiday buying season). These will be labeled GTX8xx cards. The three models that have been rumored are the GTX 880, 870 and 860.  Right now things are looking good for the GTX 880 and 870 to hit the streets in early October while the 860 might not hit until the end of the month.

There is some concern around the GM204 though. Remember this new GPU was originally intended for a 20nm process and to feature a unified memory architecture. What performance hits will the GM205 take with the changes that had to be made to produce it at 28nm. Technically speaking the new generation should simply be an improvement over the last (more efficient, less expensive to make, etc.), but that is not always the case. There is the potential that the 780 might remain faster than the 880 when which will be very interesting to see.

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