Friday20 May 2022

Oculus Stops Selling Developer Kit in China Due to too Many People Reselling it

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If it only takes a couple of people to ruin a good thing then what happens when it is lot more than a couple? Well in the end things get shut down, just ask Oculus. After launching their development kit for the Oculus VR in China they had to pull it quickly when they discovered that people were not buying it for themselves, but to put it up for resale. This is not the coolest thing to do and could have a big impact on if Oculus releases a kit to other parts of the world.

As it stands right now Oculus is trying to figure out a way to ensure that the people buying their development kits are actually using them for development so there is no word on when or if they will push this kit back out. Oculus is not the first company to find their samples or developer products being used to earn extra money. We have seen everything from Intel to entire test systems hit eBay at one time or another.

The big problem is how to handle it when this happens. On the one hand the companies want to get their product out into the hands of testers and developers, but they do not want them being bought just to make a few extra dollars. They also, in most cases, are unlikely to punish the people that are buying and reselling them (in violation of the terms of the kit too) as the cost of doing so would be quite high.

I guess there is one good bit of news in all of this… Oculus knows that their kits are in high demand. Perhaps that will motivate them to really start work on developing content and games. After all the Oculus Rift has been around for a number of years and yet we still have not seen them in production.

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