Tuesday05 July 2022

PAPAGO! GoSafe TPMS 500BT Review Featured

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Connected devices are becoming the wave of the future. We already have TVs, refrigerators, and even cars that can call us and let us know how they are doing. These devices reach out through the internet in most cases and talk to applications on our phones or they allow us to dial in and see what is going on. Now while these devices are nice, what do you do if you do not own one of these? How do you get your car to talk to you when it has no built in Bluetooth? PAPAGO! has an interesting option to give you a look into one of the many systems on your vehicle if it is not capable of communicating to you on its own. We will be taking a look at the PAPAGO! GoSafe TPMS 500BT (Tire Pressure Management System) and see just how handy it is.

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