Tuesday29 November 2022

Possible new game from Ironclad in 11 days?

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sodagameWell now, it looks like Ironclad games could have a new game hitting the market soon. We received a heads up this morning that there is a new site called open however; when you head to that link you are immediately taken to a page that contains a field to enter your email address for a newsletter and a counter.

We took a look at the source code behind the site and while there is nothing to give us more clues we do see that both Ironclad Games and Infinite Game Publishing are listed as sponsors. The site itself looks to have a dragon barely visible in the background along with some runes, but they are not legible.Looking around the net does not show anything other than a mysterious job listing that states;

” Award winning Ironclad Games is in the middle of a revolutionary new game and now is your opportunity to make your mark with your versatile programming skills. Expect to work in a wide variety of areas including tools, graphics, gameplay, animation and whatever other else comes out of the rabbit hole.”
The position is listed as filled now and we do not have an exact time frame for the original posting (although it looks to have been filed mid-2011). The site itself was only registered on January 26 and then the registration was updated on the 6th of February.

We shot off an email to Ironclad to see if we can get any additional information.

Thanks to one of our readers for sending this one in

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