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Problems with USB 3.0 on Haswell

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usbThe fourth generation of Intel Core processors, codenamed Haswell, should be found in stores by mid-year. However, users could initially have some problems with the USB 3.0 interface and connected devices.

The website Hardware Info has learned that Intel is experiencing difficulties in implementing USB 3.0 in Haswell platform, which are apparent when you restore the processor from S3 (sleep) mode. Difficulties apply to freezing or termination of applications that read content from connected USB 3.0 devices. For example if you try to read music, video, or open a PDF document after resume from S3 mode it will no longer be accurately reproduced and displayed but will seek re-open and re-run of the associated application.

The problem does not cause any loss of data or greater problems in the system, but mostly just a hassle for the end user, so that the Intel case is characterized as a minor issue that will probably be corrected in future releases (newer stepping) of Haswell processors. According to an unnamed source, the problem will not affect the timing of presenting the new platform, which is still planned for the middle of this year.

[Ed – We reached out to Intel and while we did not get a definitive answer on this we did get the one we expected. “We continually work with customers to resolve any sightings reported pre or post launch.  We aren’t commenting on NDA technical work we are doing normally with OEMs before 4th gen Core launch”. What is very interesting is that USB 3.0 has been problematic on more than one level. We have encountered issues with just about every USB 3.0 controller and experienced everything from drives falling off to systems rebooting when you unplug a device. This issue is not likely to be an Intel only problem but something related to USB 3.0 itself. Still, Intel needs to fix this before the launch later this year.]

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