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Thursday, 06 December 2012 19:53

Qualcomm brings cheaper NFC chips

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Qualcomm subsidiary Qualcomm Atheros announced a new NFC chip labeled QCA1990 which is half the size of the current NFC chip and can supposedly work with an 8 times smaller antenna. According to Qualcomm's assessment, installation of this chip would be more cost effective than the installation of the current chips in use by smartphone manufacturers. They believe that the installation of QCA1990 into the lower tier smartphones would also be cost effective.

The chip is specially adapted to function with the Snapdragon S4 SoC and is using special algorithms that use less power and would therefore solve one of the major objections to current NFC chips [There are more objections that power including security concerns – Ed]. David Favreau, vice president of product management said “Qualcomm Atheros believes NFC will be another key element of an enriched experience for smartphone and tablet consumers. As consumers continue to adopt functions like mobile payments and contactless data exchange, Qualcomm intends to be at the forefront of delivering simple, easy-to-use solutions to OEM partners”

“By enabling client devices, Qualcomm Atheros is paving the way for rapid adoption of products that incorporate NFC technology.” he continued. Manufacturers of smartphones will get the chips early next year.  Qualcomm is hoping that smartphones with the final version of the chip could reach the market in the third quarter of the 2013.

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