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RAMBUS for mobile devices? (Patent Trolls on the Go?)

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The company Rambus has shown off a new memory architecture called R+ LPDDR3, designed specifically for mobile devices. The technology is compatible with the standards of the DFI 3.1 and JEDEC LPDDR3, and offers up to 25 percent lower power consumption and higher performance than the previous LPDDR3.

Rambus alleges supported data rates of 1600-3200 Mb/s, while the high performance and lower power consumption are achieved by implementing the company's Near Ground Signaling technology, integrating the memory controller and the DRAM interface in R+ LPDDR3 architecture. Rambus memory architecture is fully compatible with previous LPDDR3 solutions, including protocols, physical format packaging and module's voltage levels.

R + LPDDR3 memory has been tested for the production in Globalfoundries’ 28 nm SLP production process and Rambus highlights several designs of available memory packaging and rapid implementation in upcoming mobile devices. Company's R+ memory controller and the DRAM interface already offers licensing to interested manufacturers of tablets and smartphones.

[Ed – We can only hope that RAMBUS is has learned from their past and is not looking to start another patent war in the mobile space. This new technology is interesting though and could being significant power savings to mobile devices. We wonder if RAMBUS’ old partner Intel has their hand in this and if we will see Intel mobile devices using this new memory in the future.]

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