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Raspberry Pi reaches 500,000 copies

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500000 RPi

If you wonder who are those hardworking workers that produce probably the most popular hobby computer today - fantastic Raspberry Pi, the answer may surprise you. They are Sony's employees in their factory in Wales. Although behind Raspberry production are two companies, Premier Farnell and RS Components, the former has no own facilities but they rentead a Sony factory in Pencoed, Wales last November, which has so far made over half a million of these devices.

RS Components therefore intends to do the same move, and will also move most of the production in Wales, although it will retain a small part of China. Liz Upton from the Raspberry Pi Foundation said in a blog post that „At the moment nearly 40,000 Pis are being made in Pencoed every week, and that number is set to climb further (I have some projections I'm not allowed to share, but they did make me swallow sharply when I read them) - even at these numbers we're still having trouble meeting demand around the world.“

The reason for the moving out is actually quite simple- unlike the European customers, those in Asia are not too crazy about Raspberry Pi. Be sure to tell us if you have your own Rasberry Pi and how do you use it.

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