Friday24 March 2023

Samsung Cronus LTE WP8 smartphone confirmed

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So far we've heard some rumors that the Samsung should issue in the near future a new Windows Phone 8 smartphone that carries the code name Cronus, but the South Korean company has so far declined to comment on this matter.


And now in Windows Store we can find application for Windows Phone 8 called Mobile Care, which in the description directly confirms the development of new device. Specifically, the application that is intended for Cronus device which is under development, as well as devices for the upcoming Windows Phone 8 GDR2 platform.

"it can be worked only on below Samsung devices. Cronus(developing), Launched devices (GDR2 or later version of ATIV S/ATIV Odyssey) and now we will use only for English.," reads the description.

Until now, the previous rumors mentioned that the new Samsung Cronus smart phone for Windows 8 will have support for 4G LTE connectivity, but the official details are still missing.

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