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Samsung dispells Galaxy S4 launch rumors

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As the Apple vs Samsung clash rages on with the release of the new iPhone 5, plenty of rumors have started to circulate. One of these is that Samsung will be releasing a new device, the Galaxy S4 in February 2013. The first thing that comes to mind is, “Why would they even need a new device when the “old” S3 beats the iPhone 5 any day“. Of course Samsung has stated that these rumors are simply not true. If the rumors were true, the S4 would just stomp the new iPhone and there would be no decent competition on the horizon.

Samsung S3 sales are doing really well at the moment, and it is the #1 iPhone killer on the market. If the rumors about a new device were true, they could have a negative impact on S3 sales and that is something that Samsung will more than gladly avoid. There is the possibility that they lied about not pushing out a new device, just so they can maintain good sales and when the time comes they will release an even more superior device. For now it would be sort of a overkill, because there is still no device that would threaten S3's supremacy as far as performance is concerned.
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The new device, probably with the name S4 will rely on Samsung's Exynos processor rather than on Qualcomm's Snapdragon chipset. It should also feature a 5-inch Super AMOLED flexible display. According to some that could be a problem because of production complexity. Samsung sold over 20 million S3 units in only 100 days, and if we consider that the new iPhone had twice as much preorders as its previous model, can we expect more than 20 million from a new Samsung once it's released?

[Ed – Samsung will release a new phone that goes without saying they are always releasing new products. The question is what this new product will be. We do expect them to have a product release in the first few moths of 2013 and it will most likely be another in their Galaxy line up, but again the launch could as late as April or May. There really is no reason to push one out any earlier than that. As mentioned performance wise the Galaxy S3 still out paces the iPhone 5 although the latter has better marketing behind it]

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