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Samsung expects 35 million Galaxy S5's to be sold in first 3 months

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Samsung's new smartphone Galaxy S5 will without a doubt be a sales hit despite the fact that most of those who tried the device is convinced that there is no revolutionary news. This is atleast what Samsung counts on.

Specifically, according to the Korea Times, Samsung expects delivery in the amount of 35 million Galaxy S5 in three months, or more precisely in the period from April to end of June. Also, as expected, sales in this period should generate revenues of $ 16.3 billion to Samsung.

Korea Times also brought us expert statements that with most manufacturers, especially with Samsung, the number of delivered units is not equal to the number of devices sold. For example, until now Samsung shipped 63 million copies of Galaxy S4, but sold "only" 40 million of that number.

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Last modified on Friday, 18 April 2014 15:33
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