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Samsung Gear smart watch on 4th of November

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According to Bloomberg, Samsung will present their smart watch at the beginning of September. The device named Galaxy Gear will reportedly allow owners to make telephone calls, have internet access, and display e-mail, according to Bloomberg, citing two people familiar with the whole thing. The device should be presented at the event on 4th of September, two days before the opening of the IFA in Berlin.

The first version of the Galaxy Gear will not have flexible screen, but Samsung is reportedly developing such a device. Introducing Galaxy Gear should be held the same day as the presentation of Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Issuance of new devices have been announced on the website SamMobile, where they stated that the Galaxy Gear and Note 3 will be presented at the event Unpacked Episode 2. Galaxy Gear will reportedly have the mark SM-V700, and will serve as a supplement for Samsung mobile phones from the Galaxy line.

[Ed - Although both Apple and Samsung are very late to the smartwatch game it appears they are trying to catchup very quikcly. Both should have solid offerings that could make the current players obsolete overnight. I'mSpa ConnectDevices, Pebble and Sony need to step up their game and fast or they will be left behind by the big guys. Although we do not thing that the Smartwatch will be the next big gadget to have any time soon they will be part of the future of mobile computing. Perhaps we will start seeing articles about the "post smartphone" era soon...]

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