Monday28 November 2022

Samsung's smart watch Gear gets an(other) upgrade

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After receiving the latest updates,  Samsung Galaxy smart watch Gear has become even "smarter". The new improvements refers to the ability to display information about receiving messages via Gmail, Twitter, Facebook or Hangouts. However there is a small problem with Gmail notifications, when users receives more than one message at a time, informations for all those messages gets scrambled together into one notification.

New upgrade brings support for direct reading of the received message on display of the watch. Reading directly on the display is limited and if you receipt longer message, you will have to finish reading on your phone. Upgrade beside these options delivers better performance, extended batterlife, better connectivity between the watch and the phone, and search through the S Voice was accelerated.

[Ed – Samsung has made more than a few mistakes with the Galay Gear including releasing it long before it was ready. The move was intended to get a product on the market before Apple, but has not been all that sucessful. Early reviews were not nice to the Gear and due to restrictions on the device slaes suffered. Since that time Samsung has been working overtime to fix issues and improve the feature set available to the Gear. Since we recived ours less than 30 says ago we have already seen multiple updates to the app on the phone and now one to the Gear itself. We have been wating for Samsung to stop the updates so we can finish up our review and present a compelte picture of the Galaxy Gear.]

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