Thursday30 March 2023

Samsung sued for violation of workers’ rights in Brazil

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According to Reporter Brazil, an organization that deals with workers' rights in Brazil, authorities in the South American country have filed a lawsuit against the world's largest manufacturer of smartphones, Samsung. The lawsuit was filed by the Brazilian Ministry of Labor and refers to the violation of workers' rights in a Samsung factory which is located in a free trade zone in Manaus.

Evidence for the initiation of the process were collected during surveillance over disputed factory in May 2011 and again in May this year. It was found that the employees had to spend 10 to 15 hours a day on their feet without a break, work at least 27 days in a row with no days off, and 2018 workers stopped work at the factory (the factory employed 5,600 workers) due to various health problems associated with their jobs at the factory.

Problems included severe back pain, inflamed joints, tendonitis and other problems associated with frequent repetition of the same actions. According to the lawsuit, Brazilian authorities are asking for $110 million from Samsung as a redress for workers from the factory. Samsung has sent a statement which says that they will fully cooperate with the Brazilian authorities and how they as a company always look what is in the interest of workers to offer them the highest standards of safety, working environment and health. Looks like Apple and Samsung are even more similar than we thought before.

[Ed - Looks like Apple is not the only company that does not treat their workers properly. Samaung is no joining the list of companies that are building their profits by ignoring their workers... It is not a good thing to do.]

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