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Samsung Tizen phone postponed again

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Samsung has reportedly once again postponed the release of their first mobile phone based on Tizen, operating system based on Linux and developed on the principles of open source.

According to ZDNet Korea, the first mobile phone based on Tizen will not be issued or in September, as it was previously speculated, but probably in October. Reason for the delay is supposedly improved hardware characteristics of the first devices based on Tizen. In fact, earlier it was announced that the first devices based on Tizen will be comparable with the Galaxy S3, but Samsung apparently wants to improve the specification in order to be closer to the current top model in its range, and the Galaxy S4.
Tizen was developed through collaboration between Intel and Samsung, and based on Intel's MeeGo operating system and Samsung's Bada and currently carries a version number 2.2. While there will certainly be problems at the beginning with the lack of applications, the ability to execute an application for Android through OpenMobile Application Compatibility Layer (ACL) should slightly improve the situation.

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