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SDK for Sailfish OS arrived

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Jolla company that has bring to life, now slightly forgotten MeeGoopen source mobile operating system, creating Sailfish OS, today through their Web site has released a free distribution of the SDK for this platform, designed to run on Linux, Windows and OS X.

Since on the recently finished MWC in Barcelona has pumped the trend of resurrecting alternative mobile OS's that are supposed to take market share in the segment of cheaper smartphones. Best prospects are anticipated for Firefox OS due to many as 17 global operators that have committed to distribute phones that will use it and Tizen, a platform created by Samsung. Still, Sailfish OS has its chances, because of the "recognizable" platform look from the developer's perspective and - as it showed up today - the availability of tools to develop applications for a wide range of desktop OS's.

Want to try your luck and get rich if by any chance happen that Sailfish OS achieve's success? You can download SDK here and hope that some more concrete device will one day come to this platform, but as was the case with its predecessor, in total, there was only one phone that used it...

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