DecryptedTech's Fractional Services Provide Great Outcomes while Saving Money

The idea of a “fractional” resource is different than the commonly used term “virtual” in that a fractional employee is more of an advocate than your typical virtual consultant. The difference is significant not only in terms of buy-in from the fractional resource, but also in the number of hours dedicated to the tasks. Ok,… ok. A fractional resource is really just a part time resource that is not a W-2 employee. They work as if they are a direct hire, but also can bring in more expertise while not breaking the bank.

DecryptedTech LLC offers a few different options here with the most popular being the Fractional Chief Technology Office (CTO) and the Fractional Cybersecurity Architect. These are two roles that many small to medium sized businesses typically do not employ because of the associated costs of getting the right experience in place. You will see business hand the responsibility of these roles off to Manage Service Providers (MSP) or Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) despite there being a bit of a conflict of interest there. After all, both the MSP and MSSP have their own business goals and drivers. These might not align with your business goals and/or drivers.

It is important to have a neutral third-party who can act as a liaison between you and your vendors. They are there to be your advocate and hold your vendor, and you, accountable for the items that need to be done for the proper security of your environment and your client information. DecryptedTech LLC takes this a bit further though as we also look to identify ways to turn your IT and Cybersecurity spending into a way to drive revenue so that it becomes more than just a line on your P&L statement.

We do this by focusing on three main pillars:
Strategic Goals (both cybersecurity and business)
Tactical Goals (what steps do you need to take to reach those goals)
Logistical Picture (what resources do you have or need to meet the above)

Working with these three items we can build your cybersecurity culture with what you have and plan for improvements or scaling via a roadmap. We also operate from first principles of cybersecurity, so we are not looking to come in a “buy a bunch of tools”. There are very often ways to enhance what you have to harden your environment before you need to plan to buy anything else.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 1-(352)-612-1961 to get started on addressing your organizational security today.

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