Friday19 August 2022

Sensor that turns everything into a 3D multitouch surface

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Lately laser keyboards are being increasingly replaced with motion sensors such as depth cameras like Kinect and Leap Motion, and they are now joined by Haptix sensor which allows you to manage your computer typing, "pinching" (zoom) or sliding (for scrolling) on each surface .

The system is also interesting because of the feature that will show your fingers on the screen when you are hovering over it in the air, and that will allow much easier selection of what you type or click on the surface. To click on a link, simply drag your finger over it and click, which is according to creators of this project faster than when you scroll and click through trackpad. They also said that users will have a similar feeling as if they are tapping at the real screen, except that their hands are comfortably placed in front of them.

Haptix project is currently in the crowdsourcing funding system on Kickstarter, a sum that is required to start production is 100,000 dollars. At the time of this writing, 28 days before the deadline, raised $74,599 and if you want your copy of the gadget, feel free to be among the first that support the project by donating at least $65, since the market price will be $70.

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