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Settlers Online coming to stores

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A long time ago, when computers had Turbo buttons to give that extra 50 CPU ticks and make it total of 100MHz, one of the most interesting games was without a doubt The Settlers. This game had several extensions and of course an online version of the game was also released, but so far only in digital form. Settlers Online will bring a packaged release with a bunch of extra content for half the price you would normally pay for them within the game.

The Ubisoft and Blue Byte development team announced that on December 7th they will release a classically packed edition of Settlers Online a network strategy game that is otherwise free. The trick is that for twenty euros customers receive a bunch of additional facilities reportedly worth twice as much to buy them within the game itself.

In addition, those who buy the packaged version will receive a special package of resources, three tactical paper maps for ease of reference, army upgrade and some other tidbits. Ubisoft said in a statement that this is an ideal Christmas gift for any gamer and given the popularity and reputation of the entire series, I have no doubts that with this move Settlers Online will gather an even wider circle of admirers.

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