Cooler Master at CES 2012 Part One

_MG_7219CES-2012 Las Vegas, Nevada; Cooler Master is celebrating their 20th anniversary along with some nice new products. We had the chance to take a look at these… and to get a glimpse of a few future products, but we cannot talk about those just yet. Still we can talk about more than a few nice new and updated products that will be aimed at the gamers and even the mainstream market.

The first room we went into was the gaming room; here we saw some familiar products like the Sirus headset. Although this is not a new product Cooler Master had something new to show us for console gamers. This is an adapter that consolidates the normal mess of cables needed to get the Sirus connected. Cooler Master also showed off their gaming keyboards for us. These are designed with everyone from the casual gamer to the hardcore LAN Party enthusiast. Right next to these were Cooler Master’s new mousing surfaces. These are designed to resist the typical palm sweat and can actually be washed when the Cheeto residue get to be too much. Speaking of mice we had the chance to look at a few of these including the Sentinel Advanced II and the Recon. The Advanced II is the successor to the original product with some improvements.

_MG_7199 _MG_7200 _MG_7205
_MG_7209 _MG_7210 _MG_7211

One of the first is they fixed the issue with the metal grill surface coming off after extended usage. The others are increased DPI (up to 8000), the ability to put your logo over the entire LED surface and more memory to store your favorite shortcuts and buttons customizations.

_MG_7215 _MG_7213 _MG_7216
_MG_7219 _MG_7223 _MG_7220

From the Gaming room we walked into where all of the cases, power supplies and cooling we being showcased. As you can imagine the Cosmos II was center stage. To help celebrate 20 years in business CM had a custom paint job done by Smooth Creations, it was impressive.  Moving around the room we were able to see CM’s newest cooling product.  This cooler incorporates both your standard heatpipes and also something like a vapor chamber. These are much larger spaces that allow for very even heat dissipation. The fin surface has also been improved to allow for better airflow and more efficient cooling. The design also makes the fins more resistant to bending or crimping.
From there we had the chance to look over the Silent Pro M2 and Silent Pro Hybrid. These two lines of power supplies are already getting good reviews from the press and customers alike. Cooler Master is improving them (again) and also adding extra range at the top end. They are extending the Silent Pro M2 Line up to 1500 Watts plus much more.

We could not leave the Cooler Master Suite without checking out all of the new cases they were showing off. We took a look at their new HAF XM. This is a much mroe mainstream effort, but one that is intended to offer all of the HAF features at a lower price.

_MG_7226 _MG_7228

There were more cases to be seen though. Cooler Master had a nice line up of lower end cases including a nicely designed SFF case that can fit a farily sizable video card inside.

_MG_7230 _MG_7231 _MG_7232
_MG_7233 _MG_7234 _MG_7235

Cooler Master makes cooling for almost everything. We even saw a line up of their light coolers along with some of their OEM items.

_MG_7236 _MG_7238 _MG_7239

That waps up part one of the Cooler Master suite, check out the video we shot of the of the suite it was impressive. Part II will cover some ot their mobile products.


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