Saturday03 December 2022

Spotify says goodbye to P2P network

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Streaming music service Spotify since its beginnings in 2008 strongly relied on P2P (Peer-to-Peer) network, but times are changing.  Music  reproduction on Spotify desktop client was so far carried out in three ways: through the files stored in the cache of computers, via Spotify servers or through another user via P2P networks.

By the 2011, 80% of the music on Spotify was accessed via a P2P network. That save a lot of money for server maintanance to a former startup and reduced their workload due to a sudden increase in the popularity of the service.

As the company grew, the need for the use P2P networks fade away. Therefore, Spotify decided in the coming months to completely shut down the entire P2P network. Service will henceforth rely on their own servers. In time, and after stopping P2P networks, service users will not feel any changes or difficulties in working Spotify.

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