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Start button is back

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According to unnamed sources close to Microsoft, Redmont giant will in the coming update of Windows 8, colloquially called Windows 8.1, restore the Start button to its original position - first spot in the taskbar. Ejecting the Start button from the taskbar has been one of the most controversial releases of Windows 8, and in parallel with the release of a new version of Microsoft operating system appeared a great number of applications that have brought it back (Start8, StartIsBack, Pokki, StartMenu8 and others).

The same source states that the Start button will not behave as in previous releases of Windows, so in a way that opens a menu that allows access to the application, My Computer, Control Panel, documents, and other network resources, but will simply act as a shortcut to the Start menu, which is displayed in Metro interface. This would mean that the authors of these applications do not have to fear about losing customers.

In addition to the return of the Start button, Windows 8.1 should also offer the option to boot to desktop, which will make sure that the restarted computer does not get carried away in the Metro interface within which we have to then click on the Desktop tab, but will immediately find the classic desktop. Some of the above applications already offer this option, so Microsoft does not introduce anything revolutionary and far out of reach, but we have no doubt that the looser attitude toward the use of Metro interface will calm passions and silence the loudest critics - at least to some extent.

[Ed - Microsoft has to do something to help Windows 8 sales and we are guessing that they think this will do it. There is good news for Microsoft in that they will pick up some sales. However they will pick up more sales IF and only if they do this right. If Microsoft follows pattern they wont do it right. You see Microsoft has to make sure that users see this to start when they power up a device that is not a tablet, that means potentially dumping the ModernUI (you know it as Metro) after months of claiming it is better. Still the return of the start button is not confirmed yet so maybe Microsoft will stick with ModernUI and drive sales even further into the ground...]

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