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Steam In-Home streaming is out of the testing phase

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Valve's streaming service came out of beta, which means that everyone interested  can sream content from the main PC to other devices in the home. Steam In-Home Streaming also opens up the possibility to play game titles for Windows PC on Mac OS X, Linux and SteamOS devices, and of course the weaker hardware devices, netbooks, laptops or HTPC devices.

A prerequisite for the use of Valve's streaming service is logging on Steam with two computers on the same network, which are then automatically connect, and able to stream content from one to another. It is worth noting that the whole thing allows you to stream and a number of titles that are not purchased on Steam, but on the other distribution services such as the GOG.

More details on the Steam In-Home Streaming is available on the official website, through which the whole thing was supported by Bandai Namco, which are known for the popular series Dark Souls.

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