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Studio C iPad2 Quilted Cover Review Featured

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cover01I have long wished for a perfect iPad 2 case, one that was equal parts pretty and useful. My first iPad came with Apple's no-nonsense black neoprene case, and for the money (free to me!) it was perfect. When I handed it down and upgraded to this iPad 2, I also picked up a Smart Cover and Belkin protective back cover. For the next five months I lived in fear of catching a door jam or counter top with a corner of my beautiful new iPad. I've truly been as careful with this thing as I ever was with my newborns' noggins. As pretty and slick and thin as the cover combo I'd created was, it kept me on edge until I was clutching it with two hands whenever I moved with it.  

When I saw the Studio C Tech line at Office Max I actually dismissed it on the first pass. The entire line is too cute to be taken seriously at first glance. I believe I perused the end cap where the line resides three or four times in passing before my husband pressed me to consider one. Once I gave them some time, I got a little more excited. They are definitely girly, each exterior choice equally. But they're not all out with it, like mini jewels or embroidered catch phrases. I've been secretly hoping the whole quilted purses thing would run its course and die, but it's just not happening. So when I really considered them, I found myself thinking the Twilight Garden quilted design was actually very pretty, in a subdued way, and as quilted accessories go. 
My smart husband tolerated my usual indecision by returning for it and presenting it as a Christmas gift, and I'm so glad he did. I've really fallen in love with it, and Sean appreciates that I no longer make the incessant clicking noise with the last panel of the magnetic smart cover. 
For function and actual use, the case has a built-in rotating case for the iPad itself, and it's enclosed within two firm exterior book-like covers. There are notches spaced appropriately for standing the iPad up, and because the rotator moves independently, it can stand up in portrait mode easily as well. Behind the rotator is also a small adjustable stand to set the iPad at a good tilt for typing, which I'm using as I type now. I'm grateful for the stability I never got from the smart cover.  
It includes a couple of elastic bands, one is small and apparently for a stylus and the other more substantial band is meant to secure the front cover closed. Unfortunately, the only stylus I have is so slight, it slides right out of the elastic. The band meant to hold the cover is functional, but I did wonder why the cute look wasn't continued with a little button or fastener of some sort.

Cover03 Cover02

Elastic is a small price to pay for this case though. I love it, every bit. I finally get a perfectly sweet and functional case for my still-newish and possibly delicate iPad.

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