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Black Hat USA 2017 – Las Vegas, NV
Three years ago we talked with a company that had something of a change in thought process on how to protect your data. Instead of building bigger walls they wanted to make the items behind those walls unusable to anyone that did not actually have access to them. This year at Black Hat we have talked with multiple companies that have the same, or a similar idea. One of the companies we talked to about this is Vera. Vera is another in a growing group of companies that understand that the traditional security posture is just not enough.

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We talk a lot about security on DecryptedTech and with good reason, there are a ton of threats out there and this list just keeps getting longer. This is why we tend to get annoyed with large corporations when they either skimp on security or botch the job. This is apparently the case in with eBay owned PayPal. For a while PayPal has been highlighting their 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) as a great way to protect your financial data and it is… unless you screw up the implementation.

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