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ap02In my time in IT I have worked with a number of wireless devices for the consumer and for businesses. These have ranged everywhere from simple $40 products that are only meant to get you online (not fast, but online) to multi-component wireless systems costing thousands of dollars. All of these still use the same basic technology to get you connected and to pass traffic between your device and the internet. At their heart is going to be a wireless radio, but this does not mean that all wireless products are the same; quite the opposite in fact. There is a clear line between wireless for the average home and wireless for the average business. The factors are mostly in the software used and the features that you have at your disposal, but you also will often have more advanced hardware under the hood as well. Today we will be taking a look at standalone wireless access point that is aimed at the business market (although there are many things that consumers will like about as well). This is the NETGEAR WNDAP360 ProSafe Dual Band Wireless Access Point; let’s see if worth the $290 it will cost to put one of these in your office.

Thursday, 02 February 2012 09:34

New WiFi Vulnerability Found in Some HTC Phones

3d-11As the mobile market begins to become more and more an everyday lifestyle (how often have you seen someone browsing the web on their phone during your morning commute) we are finding that simple things are being left open to potential attack. These are not new items and are often holes or exploits that have been dealt with in the PC (including Mac) world long ago. Still the mobile market where it is today is a lot like the PC market in its infancy; nothing is really secure and both Apps and OSes have a long way to go before they are truly protected.

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