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Wednesday, 26 December 2012 20:49

Acer brings cheap tablets to developing markets

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It looks like Acer plans to launch a new tablet. The unit price of this new tablet should not exceed $ 100, which will align the device with the cheapest Android tablets that are out on the market. However, a low price does not mean that the device itself will be bad; on the contrary it's a pretty decent bang for buck.

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Hewlett-Packard has closed out their invitations for bidding (RFQ) for 2013 notebook orders with Quanta Computer gabbing 50% of the builds . HP and Quanta made a deal for an estimated shipment volume of 20 million units making it 50% of the orders. Last year they finished with 40% of the total orders going to Quanta. This way the company wants to stay competative to it's huge rival Compal Electronics.

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Microsoft just cannot get out of their own way in making some very bad decisions over the past few months. First they have pushed an OS on the public and OEMs that does not make all that much sense based on real consumer feedback. Next they dove headlong into the market with their own unsustainable product in the form of the Surface tablet. Finally they stabbed their partners in the back by offering an update to Windows 8 Professional for $40 including installs of XP, Vista, Windows 7 and even the Release Preview of Windows 8. Microsoft has been pushing the claim that Windows 8 will be compatible with existing hardware as well in an attempt to bring even more people to the new OS. All of this is going to seriously impact partner sales and has caused more than one company to rethink their Windows 8 plans.

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Microsoft’s Windows 8 (both Windows RT and Windows 8 for x86-64) is due to hit the market around November of this year and it has already caused a ton of controversy. But there is one that did not get a ton of press when it was announced that highlights a few issues with Windows that many are not anticipating. Around the first of July it was announced that HP would not be making an ARM based tablet for the next OS and we also know that Acer will probably not as well.

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steve_ballmer_apple_tabletWhen Microsoft announced the new Surface tablet we saw a lot of analysts comment on its form, features and more. What we did not hear a lot about until hours (and in some cases about a day) later was the impact that this would have on Microsoft’s partners. It was one of the first things that we thought about when it rolled out. Did Microsoft lets any of its partners know and what are they feeling right now.

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A700As we reported not all that long ago the days of the 1920x1200 ARM based tablets are quickly approaching. There was a time when the market viewed the tablet as a low resolution device and indeed many had the same or lower resolution as your typical smart phone. This was odd considering the one of the biggest benefits to a tablet it more screen real estate. However even after the launch of the iPad we saw signs that touch panel technology was scrambling to get ahead of the game.

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