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Tuesday, 27 August 2013 06:00

New rules for Android developers


Google is aware of applications for the Android operating system abuse which is done by developers. Users  quite often spend more time after installing the application on shutting off the ads then they do by actually using the app. Because of these programmers there are apps that block ads, which are not in Google's favor because ads are source of income for them. In order to put an end to these practices, Google introduced new rules for the developers.

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BlackBerry company is in financial difficulties. A lot of hope was laid in their new operating system BlackBerry 10, but the expected success was never really achieved. In May, the developers at the conference noted that there is more than 120,000 applications in the BlackBerry World for BlackBerry's youngest operating system on the market, but this potentially positive information turned out to be pretty bad because it was revealed that one third of these applications came from the same developer.

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